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What collaborator type are you?
How to fill the proposal form
What to prepare before collaborator’s meeting


Collaborator Tiers
In the past years of WAK, we have collaborated with a range of individuals and groups. What we allocate to each collaborator tier depends on how they are classified.
You are a for-profit company or group of companies.
  • Your logo(s) placement on our promotional materials
  • Our bunting and other promotional material on your premises (if you are/own a venue).
  • A space for the official WAK Merchandise table (if you are/own a venue)
  • Individualised collaboration with WAK that will be defined later
Events Management Company 
Your company creates and develops large-scale events.
  • We will provide support letters for application of permits
  • We will link to your ticketing/registration page from our website and programme booklet
  • WAKAs, if available
You are a non-profit or not-for-profit or charity-based organisation. 
  • Venue support
  • Staging, sound and light support
  • WAKAs, if available
  • Accommodation for guests (individuals who contribute towards the event) who are from out of Kuching. WAK provides sponsorship for limited pax staying at a participating hotel or hostel for a limited number of nights.
  • We will provide support letters for application of permits
  • Limited logistical support
Amateur (Individuals or Groups)
You are an interest group or a hobby group. You don’t make a living from this.
  • Venue support
  • Staging, sound and light support
  • WAKAs, if available
  • Accommodation for guests (individuals who contribute towards the event) who are from out of Kuching. WAK provides sponsorship for limited pax staying at a participating hotel or hostel for a limited number of nights.
  • We will provide support letters for application of permits
  • Limited logistical support
Professional (Individuals or Groups)
This is what you do for a living.
  • Venue support
  • Staging, sound and light support
  • WAKAs, if available
  • We will provide support letters for application of permits
All Collaborators, regardless of tier status, will receive:
  • a listing on our website and programme booklet
  • a promoted Facebook event
  • press release support
  • actual-day event highlight photography and selective video coverage 

How to fill the proposal form

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what each field of the Proposal Form means and how to fill it.

Event Details

Event Name
The name of your event. This will appear in all publicity material and listings.
Event Type Is it an art exhibition? Is it an interactive theatre? A series of workshops ending in a performance? 
Event Date(s) When is your event? Is it one show or a week-long exhibition? We might suggest other dates, depending on whether your venue is available or if the date/time is already booked to capacity.
Time Indicate your time here. If you have more than one, put the main one here and fill us in when we meet.
Preferred Location(s)
Please state three options (in order of priority) within a 2KM radius of the Kuching Waterfront. Be specific with the location, especially if it’s not an actual building or business you can find on Google Maps. Provide an address, landmarks or directions. Indicate here if you require WAK to assist in securing the location.
Language This is the main language your event will be in.
Ticketed Do people have to buy tickets to your event? If so, choose ‘Yes’ and input the ticket price here.

Publicity Information

Information provided under this section will be included in the WAK 2020 printed Programme Booklet and online calendar. Please ensure all information is accurate and can be listed publicly.

You may have noticed that we are not asking for you to provide an event synopsis this year. Some submissions in the past were vague and don’t actually tell us what you are doing, which in turn, made it difficult and time-consuming for us to assist you. The questions here aim to help you develop and convey the necessary information to us. You do not have to be lengthy with your replies; you just have to be clear.

An event synopsis will be generated based on your answers. 
What is your event about?
This is where you elaborate more about what it involves.

(ie We want to get book lovers together to swap books and talk about their current reads.)
Why organise it? Knowing why you organise events sets a direction.

(ie There are no large-scale platforms in Kuching where book lovers can come together and meet each other.)
Who is your target audience and why should they come? The answer should never be “everybody” or “anybody”. It would determine how and where you market your event, as well as narrow your focus on what is on your programme.

(ie Readers of all ages, especially adults looking for a community of readers to exchange books.)
Do you have special guest speakers/performers for your event? Special guests/performers can give your event additional mileage. If you have them, talk about them here.
If yes:
Who are they? What will they bring to your event?
(ie Popular Malaysian fiction author John Doe. He will launch his long-awaited book "How to Fill a Blank Space" and talk about the writing process.)
Name of Organiser If you represent a group, put the group name here. If you represent yourself, put your name.
Tell us about your group or organisation If you have a mission statement or description of what your group/organisation does, drop it here. If not, introduce yourself and tell us what you do. If you have organised similar events before, tell us a bit about them.
Provide links to your Social Media, Website, Trailer, Video, etc
This lets us learn more about you that doesn’t fit in the space above. We might optionally link to you where relevant.
Organiser’s Logo Minimum size 1000px x 1000px in JPG, PNG, AI, EPS or PDF format.
Contact This is the name that will be listed in the Programme Booklet. The person submitting this form (you!) sometimes isn’t the same person who will field public inquiries.
Phone Number, if different from the contact information below. The phone number attached to the Contact above.
Would you prefer that inquiries be made through WhatsApp? Some collaborators prefer messages so they can respond properly and accordingly. If you select ‘Yes’, we will indicate that you are best contacted through WhatsApp. If you select ‘No Preference’, nothing will be indicated and queries will come to you based on the caller’s preference.
Publicity Photo(s) of Group / Artist
At WAK, we want to make sure all creatives are properly acknowledged for their work, and this includes, where relevant, photographers who provide the visual elements for your publicity material.

If you were a past collaborator and have official WAK photos, you may submit them with the photographer’s watermark intact. If you are joining us for the first time, keep reading.

The photos you submit here may be used in WAK 2020 printed Programme Booklet, online calendar and other printed publicity material. Make sure you either own these photos or received permission from the photographer to use for this purpose.
What does "own these photos" mean?
You took them yourself, or you hired a professional photographer to take them for you. Paying for professional photography work usually means you also paid for the right to use them as you see fit. If you are unsure, check with your photographer.
What is "permission to use"?
  • You asked a friend to help take photos and you both agree you can use it for publicity purposes.
  • A friend offered to do it and said you are free to use the photos as you like.
  • You find a good photo of your event or yourself on social media and want to use it for publicity purposes. You will have to track down the owner (who is not always the same person who posted it) to ask for permission.
Can I submit photos taken by WAK official photographers?
Absolutely! Just make sure the watermark is intact so we know where it came from.

What if I don't know or can't remember who took these photos?
What if I don’t know but have always used these photos without problems before?
What if I know who took the photos but they don’t want to be named?
What if it’s inconvenient/unnecessary for us to name every single photographer?
What if my guest speaker/performer sent me their photos with no other information?
What if I don’t at all care about this fussy process?
We permit you to submit photo(s) “Courtesy of [Name of Organiser]”. However, you agree to take full responsibility and agree to indemnify About Kuching Sdn Bhd from any copyright infringement or claims arising from the use of these photos in our publicity material. 
Contact Information
This is the key contact person we will be reaching out to for anything relating to your event. 
Email Address
Phone Number
You got this!

What to prepare before collaborator’s meeting

  • Detailed event plan
  • Event budget and expenses
  • Complete tech rider for sound and light